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12-Oct-2017 23:29

People need to be made aware of these voices and the power that they have, especially the people that are involved in trying to help someone that is suffering.

These voices provide the person with the reasons to continue to abuse themselves in the way that they do.

They will promise you that wonderful things will happen, but only if you listen to them.

They encourage sufferers to continue eating disorder behaviors: starvation, bingeing, purging and other dangerous methods of weight control.

These behaviors can be deadly, but due to the mental aspect of eating disorders, sufferers often believe that they are healthy and essential.

How To Help If you know someone that is suffering with an eating disorder, it is important that you do what you can to help the person free themselves from that negative dialogue they hear constantly.

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It can be frustrating dealing with someone that is suffering, but you need to be encouraging and supportive, and provide that person with your unconditional love.They tell you that you are weak for eating and that if you do not get rid of it, you will surely become fat.

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