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Cheers; Cory EDIT 1: I have been playing with the voice system some more. Example 1: TV: I said "Blackhawks game", and it changed the channel to the Hawks game on Sportsnet. I said "Inconceivable" and it brought up Princess Bride on Vo D.

It's fast too, maybe 1 second to bring up the movie.

Having said that, I'm interested in using an external hard drive to record more robust data. According to the release notes, up to 20 external apps are supported. Same behaviour with mine, stops at 30% both with automatic and manual update. Todd in Chicago Successfully updated to version V.00 on Crystal Sky.

A ninja and or others can record 422 color space at 1080p/4k. But I don't see the apps, and don't see a way to add them, or list them. I almost suspect that the update has been withdrawn because of the buggy DJI GO 4 1.4.18 or because they want to include the new 4.1.22 which apparently is close to release right away... DJI Go 4 v4.1.18(252-dpadcs)...that what it was before?

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Change channels and then back, and you can no longer rewind. I said "yes", and was seamlessly switched to the show on VOD, where it started from the beginning.) than the Gateway guide, but the channels are now grouped by type (sports, etc), so every channel number is different than it was on the Gateway.