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09-Oct-2017 00:59

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They can also be bound to controls so that users can easily view and modify your query results. Private Class Order Public Property Customer ID As Integer Public Property Amount As Decimal End Class maps your Visual Basic LINQ queries to the data source being queried.For example, the following code example shows a LINQ query that returns a list of customers from a collection and groups them based on their location. Dim customers As List(Of Customer) = Get Customers() ' Return customers that are grouped based on country. Country Into Customers In Country = Group, Count() Order By Country Name ' Output the results. When you write a LINQ query, the provider takes that query and translates it into commands that the data source will be able to execute.I thought I'd mention it because I didn't find this answer anywhere in the googleweb and it took me hours to figure it out. I tried modifying the data that was returned to reduce it and it didn't work. I changed it to return only 1 row and it still fails.

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The LINQ to SQL provider enables you to query and modify data in a SQL Server database.

Dim countries = From cust In customers Order By cust. The provider also converts data from the source to the objects that make up your query result.

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