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30-Sep-2017 20:20

All the scams and tricky things of e Harmony is as below: I signed the 12 months contract starting at April 11 2016 and ending at April 11 2017. However e enrolled me in a permanent auto billing system and keep on billing my credit card after April 11 2017 for more than 9 months without any billing notice!!! I just delivered my first baby on May 14 2017 which was one month after e Harmony stated to bill me month by month without any notice.

I paid them 1.40 and logged in on the website and used it for less than 5 times. I had a crazy busy life after I had my baby, I did not check my online credit card statement and ended up was screwing by e Harmony FOR NINE MONTHS.

Or its just enought to know the sight difrence between two distance?

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Yours is 4.2 inches low at 10 yards, 8.3 inches high at 50 yards and 44.7 inches low at 80 yards relative to Accurate Sights which includes air drag and distance from eye to arrow. The aerodynamic drag is not taken into account as it impossible to do with only 4 inputs. If they are using I will tell them STOP USING EHARMONY to avoid big troubles!

Do a dramatic reading, or a dramatic interpretation (also called Charades ) about the song and award prizes to the first person who guesses the correct title of each song.… continue reading »

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