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A Wii game has been rumored and an MMORPG known as was planned to come out soon, but they were said to be put on hold and are more likely canceled currently.

Soon, new entries in the series are all coming out in America, again under the River City name, although now the characters have their original Japanese names.

Kunio fandom swelled online, with many of the Japan-only games being hacked and translated into English, and soon a small but very thorough attempt at producing fangames blossomed.

Though all of this online effort was still pretty subtle in real world terms, it presumably ignited a spark among former Technos employees, prompting their new company, Million, to purchase the rights to the Kunio series and re-release many of the games, first for the Game Boy Advance, and then on the Wii Virtual Console.

Eventually, Million began making new Kunio games, although thus far they've been essentially retreads of older ones.

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She was ranked first on Entertainment Weekly's list in 1994 first on Fox News' list in 2005 eighth on City News' list in 2008 and was included in Time's list of the "10 ...

Sadly, Technos went bankrupt in 1996, and it appeared for a while that Kunio and his friends would be no more.

Appearances can be deceiving; however, and in Kunio's case they fortunately were.

Although the original game was created by Yoshihisa Kishimoto — who later designed Double Dragon — many of the later games (particularly those under the Downtown Nekketsu moniker) were the handiwork of two men: Mitsuhiro "Yoshimitsu" Yoshida and Hiroyuki "Mokeke" Sekimoto.

A few of the early Kunio games for the NES were localized for the North American market.A 25th Anniversary Special was released on December 16, 2011 on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan.