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15-Nov-2017 12:27

She discovered that she lives just a few minutes away from me and asked if we could start carpooling to work together because she and her boyfriend share a car.She gives me about gas money per day, but I don’t need the money and I’ve realized that I would rather just drive by myself.* Your schedule is becoming more unpredictable — you’re going to run errands/go to the gym/swing by the mall/visit a friend more often after work and/or come in early/go to the gym before work, and so you need to stop giving her rides.

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For those, it might be easier to just field those as they come up, since presumably she doesn’t have daily doctor’s appointments.Door de veelzijdigheid in alles wat ze maakt, spreekt ze een breed en gevarieerd publiek aan. I am hoping for some advice on how to politely get out of a carpool arrangement with my coworker.Plus these situations tend to happen when I am in the early stages of friendship with someone — “friends” enough that they will be hurt that I don’t eagerly want to help them, but early enough that the truth is I actually don’t have this burning desire to do whatever it is they’re asking for.

I’m fine with one-time favors, even big ones, but it’s these ongoing commitment type favors I end to chafe at. It’s actually a pretty big imposition to be expected to drive someone to and from work every day.

But what I am looking for is a way to do this politely that is not unnecessarily hurtful to her.

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