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After posting the comment, I was asked for more information on the symbols.

Anyway, I noticed her typing away one night and I asked who she was typing to. A few nights later I was walking past her and the computer and she was typing away again. It's definitely not a normal thing for guy to be walking around with a spiral heart or triangle or purple butterfly around his neck. The hard part will be trying to not punch someone in the nose if I see them wearing that crap. Pedobear is said to have originally begun as a way for young members of chan sites (4chan, 7chan, 12chan…) to call attention to pedophiles in their midst pretending to be kids to get their information. I'm keeping control of my emotions right now, this is a very sensitive topic as you said.

I recall that a guy wearing an earring on a certain side meant he was gay. Yes, and I agree that symbols do indeed get commandered but better to be aware than not. I am hoping you did not see it, in meaning you hadn't commented on it. Thanks again Maybe this stuff is new and for the internet crowd of peds.

I could never recall which side, so I assumed ANY guy with one earring was. Regardless, I applaud your intention to bring attention to this issue. Now, I have a thread up you need to get busting me on. I worked with pedophiles for 10yrs and none of them from 1995 to 2004 ever indicated there were ped signs.

Dating is pretty daunting for anyone, as it takes a certain level of vulnerability to put yourself out there to meet others and interact with them on a deeper level.

There are so many apps and websites out there that one can use to find a date. I’ve not used any of them, mainly because I’m far too lazy to fill out some lengthy question and answer section or come up with a way to describe myself well enough to where I’d feel comfortable.

Not everyone enjoys Tinder and it’s definitely not an option for everyone, so this list will hopefully be a good guide.