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Why did it take nearly twenty years following the cancellation of The Flintstones for animation to find its feet again as primetime fare?In addressing these questions, as well as many others, essays examine the relation between earlier, made-for-cinema animated production (such as the Warner Looney Toons shorts) and television-based animation; the role of animation in the economies of broadcast and cable television; and the links between animation production and brand image.The only thing that this DVD lacks that the VHS tapes with the same material has are the bonus "Cartoon! All in all, "The Mane Event" is 133 minutes of Powerpuff fun you will not want to miss.""Now, this is the best Powerpuff DVD yet! Well, Bubbles & Buttercup give Blossom a hideious stupid haircut. The ending wuz funny when Blossom shaves Bubbles & Buttacup. Well, the 4th best episode on here, but it got kinda boring when I watched it 2 much. Bellum is giving the Mayor goofy kisses, & she takes the Mayors job, but no crimanals 4 Powapuffs 2 beat!

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The Flintstones spawned dozens of imitations, just as, two decades later, The Simpsons sparked a renaissance of primetime animation.

)The First Powapuff, but not Powapuff season, The [email protected]$$ Girls! Well, the opening is cool, but the Girls dont look cuter. & the Gangreene Gang look much more devious, ecpecially Ace. Each room has motion inside and sound and each room has different special features that you would expect to find in that specific room.